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ourse no▓ direct influence whatever. The third ▓cause of the persecution of the Je●ws is to be found in the Satanic brain of Plehve▓, who w

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ishes to furnish to the humane● Czar, and perhaps still more to the Czaritza, w●ho has western Eur

opean ways of thinki●ng, an indication that without the Jews there● would be no opposition whatever in ▓Russia.For this purpose he not ●only has the Jews entered more strictly on t●he police-register

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  • ecause as pariahs th▓ey have little cause to be e
  • nthusiastic over t●he ruling order—the
  • y are inexorably subtl▓e critics of all existing things
  • , and so cou▓ld easily upset the simple m
  • inds of the Russian▓ lower classes.That is the chie
  • f reason why the●y are surrounded by a cordon ?/li>
  • 坥f plagues.The paternal preca▓ution of the R
  • ussian government is ▓of course not muc

h[Pg 159] wiser than the c●onvict

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s, if they are● guilty of any political offence, such as bei●ng present in a forbidden asse▓mblage, but he also directly pr▓ovokes


them, in order to drive them ▓into the ranks of the revolutionaries and thereb●y to compromise the latter.I●n Hungary and Bohemia


ritual murder cases we●re incited in order to give th▓e Jews a lesson to remember, an●d to make them national—i.e., more Ma?/p>

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—in feeling, since they stubbo▓rnly persisted in remaining[Pg 160] German.I▓n Russia, however, they are driven ●into the camp of the revolutionaries, in order ▓to extirpate the former

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and to cast suspicion up▓on the latter.Nev

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ertheless, some g●overnors, who in other re

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spects readily comp●ly with the directions given fr●om above, yet dare to step in in behalf of the

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J●ews, contrary to the measures appointed ▓by higher authorities, as for ex▓ample, Prince Urussoff, governor ●of Bessarabia

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, who is to be thanked that in● spite of all the efforts of Krushevan●, the creature of Plehve, no outbrea

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  • ks of th●e mob against the Jews took place ●

  • in Kishinef recently. As pe▓rsonal but neverthel

  • ess effectual caus●es of the persecution of the▓ J

    uite without Jewish
  • ews, the anti-Semitism of the ●dowager Empress and of

    cr●iticism the
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    Russian peasant, unde▓r by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    the Grand-▓Duke Sergius, governor-general of Mo▓scow, must be mentioned.Respectively brothe▓r and wife of Alexander III., they conser●vatively hold to his opinions.This ●unfortunate and narrow-minded m▓an had been persuaded by conscience●-smitten persons that Jewish army-contracto▓rs were the cause of the def●eat of the Russ

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    the never-resting lash by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    ians in the Turkish war; and ▓it was as hard to get an idea out of his● head as to get one in.The inclination of ●the Grand-Duke Sergius to torture▓ human beings amounts to a disease.▓ He can satisfy it most easily upon the d▓efenceless Jews. The final cause ●of the persecution of the Jews, and o●ne which is regarded by man

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    of hunger, begins to t▓ by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    y peopl●e as the weightiest, is the certain incom▓e which legislation against th▓e Jews means for every unscrupu●lous[Pg 161] official.Most of the laws pas▓sed against the Jews are quite impos●sible of execution, or are exe▓cuted only in a very imperfect way,● thanks to the corruptibility of● the Russian officials.Absolutis●

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    hink and to grumble; and by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    m palliated by corruption—this bitter say▓ing fits the case of the Jews b●est.Yet what relieves the situation f▓or them in a certain way renders it● worse for them in another.It cert▓ainly is a question whether the▓ ransom-money of one generation wi●ll not become the purchase-money of the ●next.The Russian bureaucracy will ●

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l● legislative decrees in favor of the Jews.● These poorly paid, much feared, but still desp▓ised officials are, in the inclined plane of t●heir evil consciences, qui

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although his unruly se●ntiments express themselves chiefly in th▓e spec

ifically Russian form of▓ the organization of religious
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sects, never▓theless each
new sectarian shows a new dese▓rtion from Pobyedonostzev's ideal of a R●ussian
subject.Upon the / organizati / on▓ o / Portfolio / Blog / , the Jews h / ave of c